Death Percentage in COVID Patients Doubled due to Air Pollution


Air pollution is helping in the spread of corona pandemic. In many cities of the country including Delhi pollution has doubled the death rate of corona patients. In Delhi, there has been an increase in the death rate of three percent because of pollution.

As per reports, the death rate at Holy Family Hospital in Delhi was 3.3 percent between June and September. It has now risen to 5.05 percent. Similarly, the death rate of corona infected increased rapidly in Apollo, Max and Fortis hospitals. 816 people died in Delhi, in 10 days right before Deepawali. However, since then, till November 23, 993 people died due to Corona virus.

Recently, the central government also warned that the city might see 15,000 new COVID-19 cases by December. The death rate may also increase due to shortage of staff in the hospital and shortage of ICU beds. According to medical studies so far, nitrogen dioxide is also found in the lungs of corona infected. Recently, scientists from Italy, Spain, France and Germany conducted a study in which information was collected on the death of 4443 people.

Surprisingly, scientists found nitrogen dioxide in the lungs of 78 percent of the deceased. The finding is directly pointing to pollution. Northern Italy and Spain have seen the maximum surge in the region. The pollution levels in these areas have also been the most frightening.

According to Sir Gangaram Hospital’s senior doctor Arvind Kumar, Delhi is witnessing the deadliest form of corona virus. We are witnessing more infection and deaths than over the past 10 months. There can be many reasons behind this, but air pollution and winter also cannot be ruled out. The number of patients is increasing in OPD daily due to pollution.


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