COVID Warriors: Family who has been Feeding the Poor for 150 days


The COVID-19 pandemic and imposed lockdown have been incredibly hard for the poor and homeless people. In such dark times, the world witnessed many heroes who selflessly helped those in distress. This story is about one such family from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
A family in Srikakulam has been feeding the poor and needy for the last 150 days. Sudha rani and her family engage in agricultural activities for a living. They are an ordinary family with not much money to spare.

Sudha Rani cooks food every day washes the dirty utensils and goes 1 kilometre to fetch water from the well. Her husband, Paluru Siddartha, is a farmer who has been doing social service for the last many years. Inspired by him, Rani also decided to help the poor and needy who were affected by COVID-19 pandemic. With help from her husband, brother in law and father-in-law, she has been feeding the needy for the last 150 days.

Inspired by her work, many people came forward to help them. Her husband says that there is no water facility for their house, Rani has to walk for a kilometre to fetch water. They hope that the district administration will provide them with water connection soon.


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