Coronavirus Causes severe Damage to the Lungs, the Report Suggests

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Coronavirus has infected more than 180 countries around the world. The earlier assumption that a person cannot get infected with Corona after recovery has been proven incorrect. In a lot of cases, recovered patients got the virus infection again.

Apart from that, the recovered patients have reported many other kinds of problems. Experts have pointed out that the coronavirus has a very severe effect on human lungs.

According to the available information, the coronavirus enters the body through the mouth, nose and eyes of humans and then enters the lungs. Once the virus reaches the lungs, it causes great harm.

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According to reports, the virus causes white spots in the lungs and disrupts the flow of oxygen. This creates difficulty in breathing, and people have to be hospitalised.

In a report from Wuhan City China, it was reported that in most of the patients who recovered from Corona infection, the lungs were in poor condition. Nearly 90% of the lungs became defective in the recovered patients. The ventilation and gas exchange function of their lungs stopped.

The recent research has also suggested that the lungs of people recovering from Corona have endured permanent damage. There is no information so far about how long it will take to cure the damage in the lungs.

There is research on what can happen to people who smoke cigarettes after getting Coronavirus infection. The coronavirus itself can cause as much damage to human lungs as smoking cigarettes for 25 consecutive years.