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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Corona spreading very fast in London, authorities may prohibit people from visiting each other’s houses, pubs, restaurants

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Authorities may implement new restrictions from this week banning people from entering and getting inside each other’s home to prevent rising cases of coronavirus in London. Mayor of London (Mayor) Sadiq Khan has warned of this.

The government may place London at a “moderate” level in a new three-tier system of local alerts for England starting on Wednesday. Authorities say that they’ll put London at the lowest level along with the entire country, meaning there will be no new ban immediately and a curfew will continue at 6 and 10 pm.

But the Mayor of London has warned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed his plans on Monday after which the capital may be moved up “very quickly – possibly even this week”.
If the city moves up a notch in the “high” category, then authorities will have to prohibit the interconnection of different houses indoors or social union in pubs and restaurants.

A spokesman for the mayor said, “The virus is now spreading rapidly in every corner of London. The number of cases is increasing rapidly, and all the indicators we see are heading in the wrong direction.”

“As of today, London is at ‘moderate’ in the government’s new alert levels. However, Londoners should understand that this may change very quickly – possibly even this week.”
The mayor discussed the new alert system with local leaders in the capital on Monday, and it is believed that they have agreed that further restrictions will be required soon if the number of infections continues to rise at the current level.

His spokesman said, “Discussions with London leaders, scientific advisors and the government will continue in the coming days, and the mayor will make it as clear as possible with Londoners what to expect in the coming days.”

He said, “Nobody would like to see those new steps, not least the mayor, which will impact businesses in London such as the hospitality sector. But we have a responsibility to act on the evidence if it protects lives.” “Even if the capital moves up to a “higher” level, a group of six would be able to meet outside in public spaces and private gardens.

Johnson told lawmakers that “most of the areas” currently under increased sanctions will be at the same level. It also includes Nottinghamshire and East and West Cheshire.Nottingham has the highest Covid-19 rates in England. There are 843 new cases per 100,000 in 7 days till October 9. 167 cases have been found in Cheshire West and Chester and 146 cases in Cheshire East.

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