Corona; People with O Blood Type have a Lesser Risk of Infection

Pouches of donated blood in hospital

Everyday new research and revelations come out about Corona. According to recent research, the risk of coronavirus infection remains low in those with O blood group. People with O blood group are also vulnerable to infection, but chances of serious consequences reduce.

Research published in the prestigious journal Blood Advances claims that people with O blood group are much less vulnerable to Corona. Researcher and University of Southern Denmark’s Torban Barangton says the conditions in his country are different.

Researchers investigated the coronavirus for more than 4.73 lakh people for this study. This study found that people with the O-positive blood group were significantly less in number than
those with other blood groups among Corona Infected patients. Among those infected, A, B and AB were the highest numbers of blood groups.

Researchers could not find any significant difference in the rate of infection between A, Band AB blood groups. According to the researchers, if people with A and AB blood groups are affected by Corona, then they have difficulty in breathing.


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