Corona Helped this Man Pass High School after 33 Years

Governments are announcing several exemptions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Government of Indian, state of Hyderabad also decided to promote all the students due to the spread of this deadly virus. This decision of Hyderabad Government changed the life of one student.

51-year-old Mohammad Nooruddin of Hyderabad was failing his 10th year (High School) exam for 33 years. But Mohammad Nooruddin passed this time because of the decision taken by the government.

In a conversation with the news agency ANI, Mohammad Nooruddin told that he has appeared for the 10th examination since 1987. But he failed every year because of his weak English. However, ever after failing for so many times, he did not give up.

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This time due to Corona, fortune favoured him and Mohammad Nooruddin finally his exam.
The coronavirus Pandemic has had a significant impact on the field of education as well. The pandemic spread in India at a time when the entire country was in the midst of board exams. Corona affected Board examinations of several states.

Seeing the conditions deteriorate, the boards of many states decided not to fail any student. This decision of the government helped a lot of students. Mohammad Nooruddin of Hyderabad is also one of these students, who passed the 10th examination at the age of 51.