Contractor And A Daily Wage Worker Become Millionaire After Winning Lottery In Punjab

A 100-rupee lottery in Punjab suddenly changed the fortunes of a daily wager and contractor. Both of them became millionaires overnight. Bodhraj is a daily wage laborer of Akhota village in Pathankot. He got the news of him becoming a millionaire two days later. A stockist Ashok Bawa informed him about him becoming a millionaire.

Stockist Ashok Bawa told that Bodhraj bought the Punjab State weekly lottery on April 14 from Laiton Wala Chowk for Rs 100. On Wednesday evening, the draw happened under the supervision of judges in Ludhiana. In the draw, Bodhraj won the lottery. When Ashok Bawa told Bodhraj that his lottery worth one crore had come out, he was very happy.

Bodhraj told that he raises his wife and two daughters daily. Now with the lottery money, he will provide good education to both the daughters. Bawa told that Bodhraj will get the prize soon.

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Contractor of Rajpura also became a millionaire

The Punjab State 100 weekly lottery also changed the fate of a person from Rajpura. He has also won a reward of Rs 1 crore on a lottery ticket of Rs 100. Tinku Kumar, who works as a contractor, has submitted tickets and necessary documents to the State Lotteries Department to collect the prize money.

Tinku said that he had been buying tickets for the Punjab government lottery for the last 15-16 years. Finally, luck came upon him. Tinku Kumar is survived by his wife and has two school children (a boy and a girl).

Tinku (38) said that he wants to provide quality education to his children. So he will spend money on children’s education and then think about expanding his contracting business. The officials of the Punjab State Lottery Department assured the winner that the prize money would be added to his account soon.