Consolidating youth and settlements to strengthen the movement

Farmers movement has completed 106 days of protest against the new agricultural laws. Farmers sitting on Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur borders are devising innovative strategies to sharpen the farmers movement near the borders of Delhi. They are appealing to more and more people to participate in the upcoming events. Farmers are calling youths to visit protest site on 23rd March. Farmer’s organisations are mobilizing crowd for the demonstration to be held on 15 March. Farmer leaders say that the number on the border has not decreased. Farmers are coming to the border at different times due to their farming activities.

Fight against gas prices

The National Spokesperson of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, Rakesh Tikait said on thursday at Gazipur border, that rumor is being spread that farmers are going from Ghazipur border to the village. Tikait clarified that there is a constant movement of farmers here. Volunteers have prepared all the tents according to summer. Moreover Mr Tikait declared that there would be a protest against corporates on 15th March. Farmers will also protest against the rising prices of diesel and petrol alongwith gas cylinder.

However farmers have started building permanent asylums at Tikri Border due to hot weather also. Farmers Social Army has constructed a room of 18 × 20 measurement on the Tikri border. Room consists of a cooler and fan, alongwith window arrangement also. Architects have laid stubble roof above, which will give a feeling of coolness in the summer season. Farmers are saying that government is not ready to listen to them. Subsequently farmers have started building brick houses. It will be the firm night shelter of the farmers.

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