Congress may Benefit from the Rift between Akali Dal and BJP

The way the alliance between the Akali Dal and the Bharatiya Janata Party has been fading away for some time is a sign of a significant change in the politics of Punjab. The two parties have allied to rule Punjab several times. Although their relationship has been based on politics, the alliance always seemed unnatural. These parties did not appear like they are made for each other.

When someone becomes an ally, there is no space left for exaggeration. Everything looks own, and however, sometimes people have to pay the price. Akali Dal that was once in full grandeur is now is really bad shape. And the main reason behind this condition is their alliance with BJP. The orthodox Sikh mentality never accepted the alliance. As a result, the Akali dal split into factions. That happens when political ambitions take over religious sentiments. This is one side of the picture, and the other side belongs to BJP, who has started shutting its doors for Akali Dal. This has been going on for over the past several weeks. The Akalis did not get an invitation to any of the meetings that BJP held recently.

Even at foundation stone ceremony of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the absence of Akali leaders was a topic of discussion. Now the BJP is protesting against the liquor mafia in Punjab. And no leader from the Akalis was present in these protests. However, Akali Dal is also raising the same issue. And no BJP leader appears in Akali led protests. Both parties, who were allies for such a long time, are protesting against the government on the same issue. But the sit-ins are limited to their respective cadres only. While earlier, most events of these parties happened jointly.

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Now if both parties have maintained their distance, then it means that BJP is thinking about writing its fate in Punjab. The blueprint for appointing in charges in all 117 constituencies of Punjab is also ready. This way, BJP may contest the next assembly elections independently.
As far as the Akali Dal is concerned, they have been hitting the streets against Captain’s government on some of the other issues. Differences and distances are not new in politics. However, if the BJP and Akali choose to contest the assembly elections independently, the competition might not just be exciting, it might also go in favour of Congress.

The clash between Akali Dal and BJP means space for a third party. The Democratic Akali Dal led by Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and AAP may find happiness amidst the current clash between the Akali Dal and the BJP. But considering the Politics of State, the hold that Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has can be a plus point for him.