Congress clean sweeps in Punjab civic polls: Akali Dal almost uprooted at distant second, AAP third, BJP settled at an outlying fourth

Counting of municipal elections was started in Punjab on Wednesday morning. 50 percent of the seats have been reserved for women. A total of 9,222 candidates contested for 2302 wards. For the first time, 2832 independent candidates were contesting elections; of which 2037 belonged to the ruling Congress and 1569 were from the Akali Dal. 1003 from BJP, 1606 from AAP and 160 candidates from BSP were running. 

31 out of 50 seats in Hoshiarpur for Congress

Congress has won 31 wards out of 50. Meanwhile, BJP managed to secure 4 and AAP, 2 wards. This time the Akali Dal and Bahujan Samaj Party could not even open an account here.

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Abohar votes for INC

Congress tops the Municipal Corporation in Abohar also. In the Abohar Municipal Corporation election, the Congress won 49 seats and the Akali Dal won one seat. BJP and Aam Aadmi Party secured zero. The Congress also dominates Rajpura and they have won 27 seats there. BJP two, AAP and SAD have got one seat each.

Gurdaspur ousts BJP

BJP has lost all 29 seats in Gurdaspur also. It is the Lok Sabha constituency of actor turned politician, BJP MP Sunny Deol. Meanwhile, Congress emerged victorious in all the seats.

Fazilka with Congress

Fazilka has also voted for Indian National Congress overwhelmingly. The party has won all the nine wards. Shiromani Akali Dal has suffered a major setback here. Not even a single seat for them. BJP struggled and got only two seats while AAP got one.


There were a total of 416 candidates contesting for 110 wards of Jalandhar district. Out of the total 65 candidates placed by Congress in the district, 47 have won. Surprisingly independent candidates have bagged 59 seats. Aam Aadmi Party also compelled at zero. Akali Dal secured one while BJP and BSP managed to win two seats each. 

Raikot, Rajpura, Jalalabad and Bathinda

Congress has won from all 15 wards of Raikot. For the first time, the Congress flag will dominate Raikot Municipal Council. Jalalabad, the Congress party has won 9 of the 17 wards. In Rajpura, Congress has won in 27 wards, BJP in two and SAD and AAP have won one seat each. Out of the fifty wards of Bathinda, Congress has bagged 43 seats while Akali Dal got 7. After 55 years Bathinda will have a mayor from Indian National Congress.