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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Complete Nutrition Of Fruits And Vegetables Essential For Children

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Since childhood, we all have heard an instruction from our parents and doctors. They say ‘If you eat fruits and vegetables, you will be healthy’. As we grow up, we give the same advice to our parents and kids.

Why are fruits and vegetables so important for health? Does eating them every day really have any effect on health? Why do children run away from fruits and vegetables and how can this habit be corrected? These are the questions that run in the mind of almost every parent. Because of all this, the dining table often turns into a battlefield.

All parents want the child to eat healthy food. But most children do not even want to touch the vegetable. Despite scolding parents do not always achieve desirable results. After all that, the parent has to prepares and feed any thing of the child’s choice, because it is also necessary to fill the stomach.

This situation is in the homes of many of us. In the midst of all this, it is important to maintain the habit of eating vegetables and fruits because after all it is beneficial.

What is the diet of children?

We all give priority to the taste of food. Mostly we all like spicy or sweet dishes. It is a fact that nutritious food that is beneficial is mostly not matched by spicy food in terms of taste, but its benefits contribute significantly in maintaining health. How can you stop kids from eating junk food or spicy food when taste becomes so difficult for adults? But it is important that the ratio of junk and nutritious food should be 30-70. That is, 30 percent junk and 70 percent healthy food.

Remember, parathas, pooris, vegetable cutlets, halwa, etc. also come under the category of healthy food in case of children. You just need to keep its quantity balanced. Well, normally a child (above 3 years) should have 4 meal time a day. This includes breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. In this you can include fruits at least 2 times.

Why are fruits important for health?

Fruits and vegetables provide ample amounts of almost all nutrition in a single serving. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, etc. They also contain a sufficient amount of water, that is, all the essential nutrients needed by the body can be found through fruits.

Since the body of children is in the stage of development, so they also need this kind of nutrition at this time and their body remains stronger in the time to come. The most important thing is that fruits and vegetables do not contain artificial colors, extra sugar, flour, preservatives and fat, due to which children get nutrition without harm. Research believes that the habit of eating fruits and vegetables from childhood can help prevent chronic diseases in adulthood.

Get Children into the habit of eating Fruits And Vegetables

The most important thing is to introduce the child to every seasonal fruit. It includes everything from guava to plum, mulberry, jamun, papaya, cilantro etc. Fruits like pomegranate, papaya, apple, banana are available throughout the year nowadays. But try that at least 1 seasonal fruit must be included in the diet of the child throughout the day.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables at home yourself too. Children imitate adults, when they see you eating they will learn to eat themselves.
  • Decorate the fruits according to the colors and keep them in front of the children. You can also include salads like carrot, beet and cucumber in this. If you do not want to give raw salad, then cut the fruits, half-boil them or cook them in steam for some time. Put a little salt or chaat masala on it and make fruit chaat and feed it.
  • Inculcate the habit of eating every vegetable in the child. Vegetables like Parwal, Tinde, Gourd, Pumpkin, Beans are often not liked by all children but they are full of many qualities. You can also feed them by mixing them in dal, sambar, khichdi, pulao, paratha etc.
  • Sometimes food neophobia in children can also be the reason for not eating any vegetable or fruit. This phobia means the fear of the unknown or new food. It mainly appears in children at the age of 2-6 years. In such a situation, instead of forcing it, consult an expert. Understand how to inculcate the habit of healthy eating in the child.
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