Colours of West Bengal elections: It is the PM vs CM

The 2021 West Bengal assembly elections are quite colorful this time. This time, it is a battle between the BJP and the Trinamool Congress. However, after the two-phase elections, the fight is between PM Narendra Modi and CM Mamata Banerjee.

Both the leaders are having a huge war of words. Both the parties are running heated attacks on each other. Further, attacks by cadres suggest that the contest is between Delhi and Bengal. Mamata Banerjee’s popularity shouldn’t worry PM Modi in Bengal.  This shows because in all his election rallies in Bengal, he always brings up the CM. He has many times made unwanted comments against Mamata Banerjee.

The PM should respect his status as the main leader of India. But, it seems that for winning elections, he would do anything. He shouldn’t degrade his position and power given by the Constitution of India.

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Even though Modi is the PM today, but sometimes we can see the shadow of the CM of Gujarat, still in him. No one can argue that people vote in the name of Modi to the BJP. Today, Modi is the entire BJP. There are other leaders in BJP too, but they are nowhere.

The PM has gone to Bengal to address election rallies in the name of the BJP. However, telling people that Mamta has lost Nandigram, so she now wants to contest from another constituency, is quite condemnable.

It is also quite difficult to say what made him say so. But TMC leaders say that Mamta will definitely contest from Benaras, from where Modi contests. In other words, Mamata will contest in Benaras in 2024 to face Modi.

If Mamata manages to win Bengal this time, she will become the main opposition leader to face off Modi for the 2024 elections. Meanwhile, some time ago Mamata had penned a letter to all opposition parties. She requested the parties to let go of their differences and called for a united front. The letter called for all opposition parties to save democracy in India.

 So, her winning the Bengal election will put her in a more strong position to pull such a united front. On the other hand, BJP’s defeat will be the defeat of Modi. If the PM losses, we can say that his popularity is fading and he will be history. And definitely, people will remember Bengal when they go to vote for the 2024 elections.

For the first time, we are seeing PMModi getting personal in Bengal elections. His repeated “Didi gone” in election rallies, shows his confidence, but also reflects his state of uncertainty. There is no doubt that the Bengal elections will be a calk walk for the BJP.

Further, Mamata Banerjee has questioned the integrity of the Election Commission (ECI) regarding the Bengal elections. The 2021 Bengal elections are seeing a large-scale deployment of CRPF. Mamata Banerjee has accused the Home Minister of trying to spoil the atmosphere in the state, because of such heavy use of paramilitary. 

The people should ask such questions because of the actions of the ECI in Assam. During elections, a voting machine was found in the car of a BJP candidate in Assam. Even after this, the ECI didn’t take any strong action.

The central government is using all the institutions in Bengal. Bengal Victory is very important for Modi. This victory will further enhance their Supremacy in India. However, their defeat will be the start of their political downfall. In this way, the Bengal election will give a new dimension to politics in India. Also, it will make people familiar with Modi’s “alternative”.