Colossus of Rhodes


From its building to its destruction, the lifespan of the statue of Colossus was just 56 years. Yet the colossus earned a place in the famous list of Wonders. The Colossus of Rhodes was not just a gigantic statue. It was rather a symbol of unity of people who inhabited that beautiful Mediterranean island Rhodes located off the south western tip is Asia Minor, where the Agean Sea meets. The Mediterranean Sea.

The capital city, Rhodes, was built in 408BC. The construction of the Colossus started in 304BC and it took nearly twelve years to build it. The statue was 110 feet high and stood on the pedestal. Colossus was posed in a traditional Greek manner: nude, wearing a spiked crown, with his eye shaded from the bright sun with his right hand while holding a cloak over his left hand.

For years the statue stood at the harbour entrance, until a strong earthquake hit Rhodes about 226BC. The city was badly damaged, and the Colossus was broken at its weakest point the knee. For almost a millennium, the statue lay broken in ruins. In 654AD, the Arabs invaded Rhodes. They broke up the Colossus, and sold it as scrap metal. It took 900 camels to take away the statue. It was a sad ending for what was a majestic work of art.


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