CN Tower

Defining the Toronto skyline, the CN Tower is Canada’s most recognisable and celebrated icon. Standing 553.33m tall, it is the world’s tallest structure on land, an important telecommunications hub, and the centre of tourism in Toronto.

CN originally referred to Canadian National the railway company that built the tower. The CN Tower was transferred to the Canada Lands Company (CLC), a federal Crown corporation responsible for real estate development.

Since local residents wished to retain the name CN Tower, the abbreviation is now said to expand to Canada’s National Tower rather than the original Canadian National Tower;however, neither of these is commonly used.

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The CN Tower opened to the public on June 26, 1976. With a chance to see the breathtaking view of downtown Toronto, the CN tower attracts approximately 2 million visitors each year.

Things to do in the tower include walking over glass floor, eating over 1,000 ft above ground at the evolving 360 Restaurant, watching a movie about the construction of the CN tower and of course enjoying the view.


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