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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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CM Captain Amarinder Singh Opens Up New Doors

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CM Captain Amarinder Singh, the Punjab CM does things in his own unique way. He is the Chief Minister, so we can say that he is the one who will work for the people’s interest. The People of Punjab look up to him with hope. Moreover, he is also accountable to the people.

He is one such leader who has taken up the common man’s issue from time to time. Captain Amarinder Singh’s work had led the Congress to a resounding victory in the last assembly elections.

He is, after all, very capable in every aspect. However, he has to be careful now. Further, he shouldn’t be careless and walk away from the people. The people know that Navjot Sidhu’s rise in the Punjab Congress has changed many things within the party. Before the rise of Navjot Sidhu, the Captain was out of reach for many leaders, barring a few close ones.

CM Captain Amarinder Singh had always maintained a low profile, that is to say, he was out of reach for many! Even Congress MLAs used to stand in line to tell him their problems. Though Captain Amarinder Singh work’s in his own way, his personal life becomes more sidelined because he has to serve the people.

That is, any government or even the CM is less for themselves and more for the people. The leader or the government who gets this, the people shower their love and blessings to them. If the meetings in the Captain’s office are in full swing today, it is undoubtedly a big change in itself. One reason for this is the Punjab Congress Command going to Navjot Singh Sidhu.

After assuming the President’s post of Punjab Congress, Navjot Sidhu has campaigned with the other party leaders to address people’s grievances. The Punjab Congress’s actions to listen to the people on a priority basis speaks volumes. So, the Captain is doing his bit for the party.

Recently, the Chief Minister did a meeting with party MLAs and office-bearers. He wanted to know all the stock of development works by his government. According to reports, Navjot Sidhu has assured the high command that the Punjab government will fulfill all its promises made to the people. He knows that, if the government does so, then Congress will surely form the government for the second time.

The people also know that Sidhu can convince everyone with his arguments. The Punjab Congress is happy to be working under the guidance of Navjot Singh Sidhu. His rise has filled a lot of enthusiasm within the party! Under his leadership, the party will surely benefit in the coming times.

The process of exchange of ideas initiated by Sidhu brought about a major change in Punjab politics. Moreover, it has given impetus to the stagnation of the functioning of the government. Further, Captain Amarinder Singh mentioned that his government has completed several issues on the 18-point agenda of the Punjab Congress.

Moreover, he wants to complete the rest of the developmental works soon. This shows that he has understood the ground reality. Also, if Sidhu now becomes the most loved leader of the people because of his activities, then there will be changes after the assembly elections for the Punjab Congress.

The round of meetings initiated by the Chief Minister is not only important for him but will also remove the wrong impression about him. Captain Amarinder Singh, who was once out of reach for most people, is now only a distance away from anyone who wants to meet him.

This new situation within Punjab Congress has created conditions for the government’s improvement. Captain Amarinder Singh has become more conscious after the rise of Navjot Sidhu within the Punjab Congress. This will compel both of them to embrace each other wholeheartedly on the same platform, but will also open up new possibilities for the Congress in Punjab.

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