Chinese Ship Causes Massive Jam in the Sea

The Suez Canal is the world’s busiest business route. And there has been a jam here since the last 24 hours. A Cargo Ship from China is the reason behind this jam. In the last 24 hours, more than a hundred ships are stuck. This jam is responsible for loss of approximately 2800 crore rupees per hour. 

The estimate is that the jam will open in 5 to 7 days. Until then, most trade between Asia and Europe will almost be at a standstill. Some people are saying that the huge cargo ship “Evergreen” has a Panama flag on it. The 193.3 km long Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

The ship stuck in the Suez Canal on Tuesday morning. It lost control while crossing the canal north of the Suez Port. Large tug boats are trying to remove it. However, experts fear that it may take several days to get this container ship out. 

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According to the media report, the crew of the Evergreen ship reported that their ship turned around due to a strong tornado of air while crossing the Suez Canal. Later, when they attempted to straighten it, the ship roamed across the width of the canal and stopped the entire traffic. Another cargo ship The Mersuck Denver is trapped behind this ship. However, all crew members aboard the ship are safe.

The ship is bigger than the Eiffel Tower in length

The ship named Evergreen, trapped in the Suez Canal, is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide. If erected upright, its height will be higher than the Eiffel Tower and Empire Estate Building. Japanese company called Soi Kisen owns this ship. But Evergreen Group of Taiwan leased and operates it . The ship was going from China to the Rotterdam Port of the Netherlands. Reports say that Evergreen is trapped in the canal due to the strong winds.

Long jam in the sea, affecting supply chain

Due to the implication of this ship, a large number of ships are jammed on the sides of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Every day thousands of small and big ships travel from Europe to Asia and back via this canal. If this route remains closed for a long time, sea ships will have to travel all the way to Europe, circling the continent of Africa. This route takes at least two weeks. Over time, it will also cost more. With this, it will have an impact on the supply chain around the world.

Every hour seems to be worth $ 400 million

Every hour, there is a loss of about 400 million dollars (about 2800 crores). About 12 percent of the trade happens through this canal. This canal, built in the year 1869, is 193 kilometers long and in some places is only 205 meters wide. In such a situation, the movement of the remaining ships has become almost impossible after this giant ship is trapped.