China’s vaccine is becoming unpopular while nations are showing confidence in India’s vaccine

A nurse displays a vial of AstraZeneca's COVISHIELD vaccine, during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination campaign, at a medical centre in Mumbai, India, January 16, 2021. REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas

China’s vaccine is becoming unpopular while nations are showing confidence in India’s vaccine
To stop the spread of the Covid-19, many countries have started their vaccination programs. Even India and China have kickstarted their own vaccination programs. While many countries are showing interest in the vaccine produced in India. On the other hand, the China Vaccine is becoming less popular day by day. Remember, China hiding important information about Coronavirus. All this has happened because of that. Meanwhile, there is a further setback for China. Most countries are now ordering vaccines from India instead of China. While the real reason behind this is something else, let’s know why!

Moreover, Brazil and Cambodia which used the china vaccine have now switched to the vaccine, made in India. India gave 2 million doses of vaccine as a commercial supply to Brazil. Also, India is getting frequent requests for commercial supplies and support for the Corona vaccine. Also, seven neighboring countries around India were given 50 million doses. All this has happened after this gesture. Many countries of the world are showing interest in India’s vaccine. While people are keeping away from the Chinese vaccine.

The main reason for countries distancing from China’s vaccine is its effectiveness. Take Brazil, for example, the Chinese vaccine was 50% effective in the trial. Meanwhile, after which questions were raised about its efficiancy. Whereas, the Chinese vaccine was showing a success rate of only 65.3 percent in the trial conducted in Indonesia. Interestingly, Sinovac the vaccine made in China is undergoing trials in many countries. Also, experts are concerned about the missing data for this vaccine. It is clear that it is very important for the vaccine to be safe, but the Chinese vaccine seems to be far behind on these maps.

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Indonesia has taken 3 million doses of China’s Coronavac vaccine. But now, India’s AStraGeneca Vaccine is gaining ground there. Indonesia is even planning to buy it. Further, Indonesia’s Indopharma company has contacted Covidshield Serum Institute of India. At the same time, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen recently met Indian envoy Devyani Khobragade. Moreover, he has requested India for vaccine assistance.

Covishield and Covaxine vaccines are suitable for Cambodia’s temperature. So officials from there are showing interest in it. By the way, Cambodia has been China’s biggest supporter. The reason behind this is that China has been continuously giving loans to Cambodia. Cambodia is under huge debt. China gave 1 million corona vaccines to Cambodia. But Cambodia’s one million and seven million people need more vaccines. In such a situation, cambodia has shown interest in India’s vaccine.