China Claims COVID-19 Vaccine may be Available by November

The entire world is suffering from covid-19 pandemic. Scientists all over the world are trying to prepare a vaccine against the virus.

Meanwhile, the good news is coming from Wuhan city of China. This is the city where the virus has its origins. China has claimed that the coronavirus vaccine will be available to the general public by November this year.

An official from China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that Beijing is working on a vaccine that may be available to the general public by November. Four of China’s coronavirus vaccines are in the final stages of trials. These have been administered on medical workers in July.

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A unit of Chinese pharmaceutical giant, “China National pharmaceutical group” (Cyano Pharma) is working with the US-based Sinovac biotech facture the three vaccines under emergency use program. Consino biologics is developing the fourth vaccine. Chinese military approved fit or use in June.

In July, Cyano Pharma announced that their vaccine would be ready for public use by the end of this year. Manufacturers all across the globe are trying to develop an effective vaccine against Coronavirus. Covid-19 has killed approximately a million people worldwide so far.
Let’s hope that the Chinese vaccine is efficient in stopping the virus.