Captain’s Government Under Attack from Well-Wishers


Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Pratap Singh Bajwa has suggested Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh that he should take strict action against those involved in various crimes to give justice to the people of the state. If the CM does not take appropriate action, then the only god can save Punjab.

Bajwa also pointed out how the spurious liquor scandal exposed the nexus between the bureaucracy, the police and the liquor mafia. More than 100 people have died till now because of spurious liquor in various cities of Punjab. Although the state government took action against police officers involved in the scandal, yet the anger against the government is increasing among the people.

The Akali Dal, in particular, is very attacking over this issue. Bajwa’s suggestion to the Chief Minister shows that he wants good for the government of Punjab. Bajwa is against whatever wrongdoings are happening in Punjab. As a Congressman, he wants to see the government succeed.

Everyone knows about Pratap Singh Bajwa’s past. Being party president and feeling the warmth of Rahul Gandhi’s closeness are the things from the past. But, he still has high political aspirations. Bajwa’s suggestion to the Captain, however, is aimed for the improvement in the character of the government. But at the same time, he also tried to hit the government’s nerve.

The government is not ready to acknowledge the liquor mafia network. Because according to them it doesn’t exist. The government can deny the allegations made by the opposition leaders by saying that it is the task of the opposition to accuse. But now when a senior leader from the party is voicing against the mafia, then what will the government do?

Nobody knows their enemy and friend in politics. Not everyone has the art of hiding their hostility behind the talks of friendship. Bajwa showed sympathy to the Captain’s government along with exposing them.

Even after going to Delhi, Pratap Singh Bajwa keeps a close watch on his political allies and rivals in Punjab. There are other leaders in congress as well who have conflicts with Amrinder Singh. They are also waiting for the right time.

Not just Captain Amrinder, no leader can become the favourite of all. Therefore, if there exist, leaders who want the betterment of the Punjab government, then there are leaders who have double standards and vested interests.

The Government of Punjab is also on target of the opposition because of the increasing cases of COVID-19. The opposition is anyway hostile. Amidst this, even party members are presenting bouquets of suggestions with thorns of criticism.

Today the situation is that the Punjab government wants the welfare of the people. But its allies are changing its meaning and presenting a different image to the public.


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