Captain Government and Modi Face to Face, as Bill Against Agricultural Laws Introduced in Punjab Assembly


The Punjab government has come out openly against the three agricultural laws made by the central government. Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh introduced three bills in the assembly. These bills announce mandi yard all over Punjab. Along with it, the bill provides that if a trader buys a crop from farmers below MSP, legal action will be taken against him.

While presenting the bill, the Chief Minister said that his government stands with the farmers. Even if the central government dismisses his government, he will continue to carry the struggle of the farmers till the end. The bills introduced in the House will be sent to the Governor for approval after the debate. They will take legal form only after the Governor approves the bills.
However, only time will tell the Governor’s stand on the Bills. The issue of farmers is now a matter of direct contestation between the centre and the state government. So, eyes will be on what the Governor will do. The revolutionary stand taken by the Punjab government cannot be effective until it is approved by the Governor’s House.

However, if such a situation arises, the farmer’s agitation may intensify. While presenting the bill, Captain Amarinder Singh said that he would not bow down to the central government. This shows his commitment that he will not allow the farmers to bow under any circumstances.
While the bills were being introduced in the Legislative Assembly, the struggle of the farmers continued. In fact, by bringing the bill, the Punjab government has paved the way for other non-BJP state governments to come forward in favour of farmers. The issue is not only of Punjab but that of the farmers of the whole country.

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Farmers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan or any other state, have only one demand. And the demand is that the agricultural laws must be withdrawn. The role that the Punjab government has played and is going to play in favour of the farmers in this fight is unique and will be remembered in the history of the farmers’ struggle.

Raising the voice of the farmers and taking up the farmers’ fight are two different things. Captain’s government not only encouraged the farmers by taking up their fight but also established before the opponents that his loyalty to the farmers is not just verbal.

It is natural that after this, the attitude of the Center will be more rigid against the Punjab Government, which will create problems for Punjab. The central government needs to change its attitude towards the people of this country. It is not rational not to change the decision just because it will hurt the government.

It is probably not necessary to tell what governments do not do for the betterment of their people. According to reports, every working-class associated with agriculture in Bihar has decided to vote against the BJP in the upcoming elections. Bihar has a population of 12 crores. It can be easily predicted that if the working class turns against the BJP, then what will be the result.

To bring a bill against agricultural laws in the Punjab Legislative Assembly means to create the spirit of ‘revolution’ among the farmers of other states. In Punjab, if the bills are converted into law, this will significantly benefit the farmers. Does the Center not want to see a glimpse of happiness on the withered faces of the farmers? Why every decision of the government makes is for the well being of Ambani and Adani? If the government thinks like this about the farmers and the poor, then the Modi government can not dream of a long life.


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