Captain Amarinder Reacts to the Red Fort Incident

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh gave his reaction on the Red Fort incident on Republic Day. He said that no Indian could be proud of what happened at the Red Fort on Republic Day. “The Red Fort is a symbol of our freedom and democracy. It was a sad day when I saw violence happening”.

The Captain further said, “I do not believe that the farmers were involved in the violence. The investigating officer should investigate the case. They must identify the people involved in the violence”.

“I think they are trying to malign the movement. The whole world was supporting the farmers. But the moment the violence took place, the movement lost its enthusiasm”. There have been 12 meetings of farmers. But they could not find a solution.

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“If I was chairing the meeting, I would have finished it on the first day. What causes the deadlock to persist for a long time? The Captain further said that the government should maintain contact with the farmers. Farmers should also attend meetings. The government cannot let this issue continue without resolution.