Captain Amarinder Announces to Approach Supreme Court Against the Agriculture Laws

On Wednesday, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh once again demanded the Central Government to withdraw the agricultural laws. He said, “The solution has to be found at the level of Prime Minister. He must sit with his ministers and Home Minister and come to a solution. PM has to find the final solution”.

“We are very clear in our mind, these are anti-farmer Bills. We will approach the Supreme Court”, he continued.

Captain Amarinder further said, “Farmers have every right to protest. My sympathy is 101 percent with the farmers, there are old men and women sitting & protesting at the borders (Delhi border). Till last reports, 55 farmers had died — they are sacrificing their lives.”

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“It can’t be that the whole farmer community of the country is asking for something and the govt remains unresponsive. It is the duty of the govt to respond to people of the country. I feel that farmers have made their stand very clear that the laws should be repealed.”

“If farmers are saying to withdraw the laws, you can withdraw laws & can talk to farmer’s committees to bring whatever laws you want later on. But to bring peace to the state & bring farmers home, repeal the laws as they are demanding it.”

Regarding the law and order of Punjab, the CM said that “Maintaining the law and order in the state is my duty and I will not allow any mess. I have seen Operation Blue Star, time of terrorism, assassination of CM. Pakistan is daily sending drones – where to? Army spots them either in Punjab or Kashmir.”

He said, “No law has that sanctity which can’t be touched. For instance, the constitution has been amended over 100 times since it was introduced in 1950. So why is it that this law can’t be amended and you just have to withdraw it?

The Captain said that if the farmers are talking about withdrawing the law then the government can withdraw the laws. At the same time, follow the farmers’ committees as to how you need laws after these laws. But for the peace and return of farmers in Punjab, this law should be repealed by the government.

Meanwhile, the farmers protest at the borders of Delhi continues for more than 40 days. It has been raining and the situation has been getting worse for the farmers. However, the response of the central government remains disappointing.