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Can Prashant Kishore Repeat His Bengal Miracle in 2024 Elections?

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Election strategist Prashant Kishore has made a name for himself in almost all important political circles. Prashant Kishore was one of the main reasons why the BJP had lost the Bengal elections. He through his political strategy made sure that Mamta Banerjee won the elections.

Moreover, he is now focusing on the national elections for 2024. Earlier, it was Prashant Kishore who made sure that Narendra Modi won the PM post in 2014. Currently, he is trying to forge an alliance of the entire opposition on one platform against Narendra Modi. Though there will be some people who may not agree with this, this is the need of the hour.

Most people had believed in the sweet dreams of ‘ache din’ shown by the BJP. Meanwhile, the assurance of good days by the BJP was nothing more than rhetoric. The majority of the people are once again thinking of trusting someone else. Indeed, the Indian people have always been believing false promises. Most political leaders take advantage of the innocent public.

In 2024, India will have its Lok Sabha election, but the election fever has already started! In states like UP, Punjab, and Uttarakhand, the parties are seeing their assembly elections as the testing ground for 2024. The parties are making full preparations for the elections.

Rising on this occasion, Prashant Kishore wants to bring the opposition parties on one platform. Moreover, the opposition parties should realize that the more they are unable to unite, the easier it becomes for the BJP.

According to reports, Prashant Kishore might guide the Congress Party. He had recently met Rahul Gandhi. The meeting was brief but the message is huge.

However, if Prashant Kishore joins the Congress party, then a separate “election strategy department” will be set up in the party.

There might be personal reasons for Prashant Kishore choosing to work with the Congress Party. Otherwise, there can be also this reason that in his view Congress is the only party that can deliver the people’s expectations.

Indian people know that Congress had taken up the leadership during the freedom struggle for the country. Now, Congress has to again take up the leadership and play an important role in getting India out of the crisis of communalism.

Most likely Prashant Kishore’s action has stirred the political stage. There will certainly be a feeling of uneasiness in the BJP and the RSS. Earlier, during the Bengal elections, Prashant Kishore was the only one who claimed that the BJP won’t get more than 100 seats in the elections.

During the same time, Home Minister Amit Shah had claimed that the BJP would get more than 200 seats. Though, after the West Bengal results, he had gone into a kind of isolation after the defeat of the BJP.

The BJP is making all its preparation for the UP assembly elections in 2022. Meanwhile, if the Yogi government isn’t able to form the government again, then the countdown for the BJP will start!

Will Prashant Kishore be able to form any kind of strategy for 2024? We have to wait and watch! Till then, we can be enthusiastic about the Loksabha elections.

The 2024 election results will show us a future in India, will people give more importance to human values or choose a more communal society. A society wherein the farmers are listened to or one that neglects them! In a true sense only we can claim what a real democracy will look like after the 2024 Loksabha elections!

Most people have to wait till then and see if Prashant Kishore succeeds in his goal or not. India can dream of a beautiful society till then with him.

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