Bolivia Votes for President amid ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic


In Bolivia, people voted for the presidential election on Sunday, amid the ongoing global
Covid-19 pandemic. With this, there is a possibility of ending the political turmoil that has
been going on for a year. After the cancellation of the elections held last year, this election
may lead to the return of the socialist government in the country.

One of the most politically unstable countries in Latin America ever, there was stability in the government of former President Evo Morales in Bolivia. Morales was the first indigenous President of the country, who resigned and left the country after the election at the end of last year. He won last year’s election, but was canceled after he was accused of fraud in the election, after which Morales left the country.

Unrest broke out in the country following protests that began after the election last year and
subsequent expulsion of Morales, killing at least 36 people. Morales called his expulsion a
coup. Sunday’s vote is an attempt to re-establish democracy in Bolivia.

The Washington-based human rights organization of the US, the ‘Washington Office on Latin
America’, said, “Bolivia’s new executive and legislative leaders will face tough challenges in
a polarized country, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and an extremely weak administrative
system. It is devastating. ‘Sunday polling was peaceful with long queues at some polling
stations. Voters appeared wearing masks and following the norms of maintaining physical


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