BJP Leader and Forest Minister Face to Face over Serving Beef to Animals at Guwahati Zoo


A verbal war has erupted between a BJP leader and the state’s forest minister over beef in Assam. When BJP leader Satya Ranjan raised his voice against the beef fed to the animals living in the Guwahati Zoo, the state’s forest minister Parimal Suklabaidya has retaliated.

The state forest minister said that animals living in the zoo could not survive only on pork and mutton, we can also give them buffalo meat instead of beef, but there are not enough buffalos in Assam. We have issued tenders for beef, buffalo, mutton and pork.

The state forest minister said that he has spoken to some scientists in this regard whether animals can be given any meat other than cow meat and if so, what are the chances and consequences. He said that there is no need to create much ruckus on this matter.

The state forest minister said that the demand of the BJP leader is fine to a certain extent, but we have to keep our wild animals alive as well, we have to feed the animals according to their diet chart. On Tuesday, BJP leader Satya Ranjan protested against giving beef to animals.

Apart from this, many BJP workers appealed not to feed cow’s meat and said that if the Assam government and zoo administration do not accept this, then the results will not be good. Sathya Ranjan said that animals of sambar deer could be served to animals in the zoo.

On this, forest officer Tejas Mariswamy says that the animals of the zoo are not served the meat of non-vegetarian animals. Also, the sambar deer is a wild animal, and cannot be killed.


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