Big Revelations on Russia’s Corona Vaccine Sputnik V


Recently, Russia announced world’s first corona vaccine. President Vladimir Putin confirmed that his daughter got the vaccine.Even before registration of the vaccine, a lot of questions have been raised. World Health Organization and scientists from the UK, US, Germany etc. have raised objections over the vaccine.Now the documents presented for its registration, have made many new revelations. Reports suggest that there was no clinical study on the safety of the vaccine.

According to Daily Mail, only 38 volunteers got vaccine doses for 42 days during the trial. Russia did not reveal any information on the third phase of the trials. Russia claims there have been no severe side effects of the vaccine. While according to the documents submitted for registration, the vaccine had 144 types of side effects in 31 out of 38 volunteers.

World Health Organization says that Russia has not followed the guidelines for the preparation of the vaccine. Hence, it is difficult to believe in its success.Not only WHO, but experts from many countries are also questioning this vaccine.According to experts, it is not right to ignore the guidelines for making the vaccine. It will affect people’s health.Russia, however, has denied all the allegations. As per the claims made by Russia’s Ministry of Defense, Volunteers had better immunity, and there were no negative side effects during the vaccine trial.

While the documents reveal a different story, Those who got the vaccine, presented with side effects like increased body temperature, fever, body aches. There was itching and swelling on the vaccine administered parts of the body. At the same time, side effects like headache, diarrhea, sore throat, loss of appetite and fatigue were common in the volunteers.

A few days before, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed to be several months ahead of others in the vaccine race. Three more large scale trials are to be done. And then on August 11, President Putin announced that all the necessary trials related to the vaccine are done. Moreover, Russia has not presented scientific data related to vaccine trials.

World Health Organization spokesman Christian Lindmeier said in a press briefing that it is a dangerous situation if Russia issued a license for the production of the vaccine without Phase III trials. According to the documents, Russia completed the trials just within 42 days, whereas it usually is a long process.

Putin claimed that his daughter had a significant amount of antibodies after vaccination. Whereas, according to the documents, volunteers had less than average levels of antibodies after the vaccine dose.The claims behind the vaccine are dubious. That is why experts are questioning this vaccine.


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