Be Careful if you are using a Hand Sanitizer


In the time of the pandemic, masks and sanitizers have become a crucial part of our lives. But people must be cautious in using a hand sanitizer. This incident will tell you why?

In Texas, US, a woman got burnt severely due to hand sanitizer while trying to light a candle. She is in the ICU and is waiting to recover.Kate Wise lives in Round Rock, on Sunday she applied hand sanitizer, which she usually uses to keep herself and her three daughters safe from COVID-19 virus. After applying the sanitizer, she tried to light a candle. However, her hands also caught fire.

She told me that she was trying to light a candle. But because of the hand sanitizer, the fire spread and burnt her. She had applied sanitizer all over her hands. She further told that the flames came in contact with the bottle of sanitizer and it exploded. It splashed on her face, and within seconds her entire body was in flames.

Two of the daughters ran to the neighbours for help. At the same time, Kate took off her clothes and managed to take out her physically disabled daughter and pet from the house.
The round Rock fire department is investigating the case. However, hand sanitizer is 60-70% alcohol and is highly flammable. Therefore, one must be careful while using it.


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