Australian woman revealed she was repeatedly raped in India for 2 months


Sydney – An Australian woman has made a significant disclosure in which she said on her visit to India she was raped in Srinagar city in India for two months. This disclosure made by Carmen Greentree, a resident of Australia, who is currently in a lot of discussion about her new book. She shares her traumatised experience of travelling to India.
Carmen Greentree is a former star surfer who visited India in 2004. But it’s exceptionally embarrassing what happened to her during that time.

houseboat in Srinagar

She was held captive for nearly two months inside a houseboat in Srinagar. Where she was raped by her capturer every day, she mentioned this painful story in her book “A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness”. Carmen told in her book that he also tried to force her to convert to Islam.
During this time, this man raped Carmen several times a day. According to Carmen, she was only 22 years of age then. She has written in her book that she went to India so that she could meet the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala.
Talking to the Daily Mail, she said that after coming to Delhi, she got caught in the trap of some fraudsters, who were calling themselves government tourism operators. After this, she was deceived and boarded a flight to Srinagar. Where her alleged rapist Rafiq Ahmad Dundu received her from the airport. This man took her to his houseboat and held her hostage for two months.

Rafiq Ahmad Dundu

She could not escape from there, and he took away her passport and the rest of her belongings. Carmen says the man raped her repeatedly. Surprisingly, apart from Dundu, his wife, parents, brothers and children also lived in this houseboat. All these people were witnessing this crime but were silent. Nobody tried to help Carmen.
Carmen, 37, wrote in her book that I felt that I would never get out of the boat. That person used to rape me many times every day, and I even stopped counting how many times this is happening to me. Carmen told that she heard the conversation of the man and his friends that he had held many other girls hostage in the same way.
Carmen further says that when she managed to escape from there, Dundu, his brother Shabbir Ahmed Dundu were arrested by the police. They remained in jail for only six months but were not get sentenced, because Carmen never returned to testify.

Carmen Greentree now works as Holistic Medicine. This matter remains in the discussion again after 16 years of coming to light. The identity of the victim was kept secret at that time. But in media reports said that there were some discrepancies in the case which came out in 2004.


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