Australian Scientists say COVID-19 can Live on Phones and Notes for 28 days


A recent study from Australian scientists claims that it can survive for 28 days on mobile phone screens, stainless steel, and currency notes. Based on the research, the scientists are saying that the virus that is causing the pandemic can remain on the surfaces for a much longer time than the regular flu virus.

The report by scientists has once again proved that washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching public places, and continually cleaning various surfaces can prove to be a significant weapon against the coronavirus.

According to this study published in virology journal by scientists from Australia’s National science agency (CSIRO), the virus survived on smooth surfaces for 28 days at a temperature of 20° C. Under these conditions, the regular influenza virus can only survive for 17 days. The scientists used the sample of coronavirus found in the covid-19 patients for an experiment for one month.

The research held at 20,30 and 40-degree temperatures. The study showcased that the virus died sooner at higher temperatures compared to lower temperatures.


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