Australian Coach Justin Langer Reacts to Racial Abuse Incident


On the third and fourth days of the Sydney Test, Indian players had to face racial abuse in Australia. The entire cricket community is in rage after the incident. However, Australian captain Tim Paine won the hearts of all by reaching out to the Indians. Australian coach Justin Langer also reacted to the incident.

Langer said, “It is good to see that when this incident happened today, Tim Paine reached out to them. It was very good behavior. The game of cricket will always be played with a lot of competition. But both teams have good feelings towards each other. Hopefully they will also continue in the future.”

Reacting to some spectators’ shameful remarks on Indian players during the third cricket Test, Australian coach Justin Langer called it embarrassing. There have been two incidents of racism against the visiting team in two days. Langer said the incident is shameful. The image of such a hard-fought series is tarnished by such incidents.

He said, “Sorry, this is frustrating and disappointing”. Langer said, “I hate that people come to watch cricket or any other sport by paying money and think they can use profanity or things like that”. He continued, ‘I mean to say that I hated it as a player, hated it as a coach, we have seen it in different parts of the world. It is sad to see it happen in Australia. ‘

After the end of the day’s play, press had many questions for Langer regarding the issue. In his response, the coach insisted on the role of education to avoid these incidents. In context of Australia’s poor history about indigenous tribes, Langer said, ‘I have just read a book on the history of Australia and have seen some good documentaries in the last few months. It is sad, we are trying to educate ourselves and it makes you very sad that people are facing racism. ‘

He said, “When you are educated about the history of Australia, then you understand why it is so painful”. On the third day of the Sydney Test, a drunken spectator made racial remarks on Jaspreet Bumrah and Siraj.

The Cricket Board of India filed a complaint with the International Cricket Council. On the fourth day too, such an incident came to light, after which the game stopped for a while. The authorities kicked some spectators off the field and the host country’s cricket board apologized.


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