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Asthma Patients must do this Yogasan, will get Relief from Breathing Problems

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The problem of asthma is common in many people nowadays. it includes breathlessness and lungs not functioning correctly. The throat and chest of the patient who has asthma are affected. Pollution, smoking are some of the causes of this disease. Many times it has also been seen that this is genetic. So if anyone has asthma, then they should take recourse to these asanas of yoga. Their regular practice helps in bringing relief.

Ardha Matsyendra Asan

To do this asana, first spread both your legs straight. After this:

  1. Bend the left leg and sit on the heel.
  2. Bend the knee of your right leg and make it stand above the thigh of the left foot and place it on the ground behind the thigh.
  3. After this, cross your left hand with the knee of the right foot and hold the right toe.
  4. Turn your right hand behind your back.
  5. Turn your head right so that your chin and left shoulder come in a straight line.
  6. Do not bend down.
  7. Keep the chest taut.


For the practice of Sukhasana spread a mat on a flat place and sit on a pedestal. While doing this asana, keep your mind calm and relaxed. Now keep your body upright while keeping your waist straight. After this, open the fingers of both your hands and keep them on your knees. Now while doing pranayama in general, sit for as long as you can in this posture.


In this pranayama, we draw breath from the left pore of the nose and exhale through the right pore. Similarly, if you draw breath from the right hole, then exhale through the left hole. Regular practice of this pranayama, all the nerves of the body are treated so that they remain clean and healthy. 

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