Are you wearing the right face mask?

It is essential to wear a mask to protect yourself from Corona. A face mask can stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus. But many people, unknowingly have been using filter masks. These masks protect those wearing them but increase the risk of transmission to others from an infected person. These masks are dangerous, according to experts.

Recently, British TV Presenter Alex Beresford faced a lot of criticism from his fans for wearing the wrong mask. Alex uploaded a picture of him wearing a mask on Twitter on Thursday, after which the fans started reacting.

According to a fan, the mask that Alex wore was not right. There is a higher risk of disease in others with that mask. Alex was quite surprised at getting trolled for wearing a mask and sitting in a cab. So, he enquired the right way to wear a face mask in an episode of ‘Good Morning Britain’. Responding to Alex’s question, UK health expert Dr Sarah Jarvis told on a live show that wearing a mask with filters can be dangerous.

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PPE mask is a three-layer face mask which gives the wearer complete protection from the virus. But due to the ‘high-velocity airflow’ coming out of the mouth, this mask infects others. Infectious Diseases Specialist’ Dr Bharat Pankhania also warned about these masks. If an infected person wears these masks in public, the results can be dangerous.