Archie Singh will Represent India in Miss International Trans Woman Pageant


Everyone has to work hard to achieve something in life. But if you are a Trans woman, the struggle becomes even more difficult. In this article we will share the story of one such inspiring woman. Archie Singh’s dreams always fought against discrimination and difficulties. She faced rejections several times because of her looks. However, Archie did not give up. Now, she has made it to Miss International Transwoman 2021.

Archie says that she faced discrimination many times. People said that she is not a real woman. This is because they felt that I do not fit the parameters of the society. Archie, 22, will now compete at the international level. She says that she is a woman. She has undergone a gender reassignment surgery. After which she also got her documentation from the government. The government recognizes her as a woman. But despite all this, people do not accept her.

Her family always supported her amidst all these problems. The family encouraged her at every step from gender surgery to her modeling career. Archie comes from a middle class family in Delhi. She started modeling from the age of just 17. Archie is now going to represent India in Miss International Trans 2021. The event is going to be in Colombia. She not only wants to win the titles, but also wants to change people’s thinking towards trans community.


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