Anti Vaccination Propaganda is Fatal for the lives of Indians

India started its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 a few days ago. The campaign is a step in the right direction. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished for the campaign to be a success. He said this while launching the vaccination campaign. Further, he said that getting vaccination doesn’t t mean that the pandemic doesn’t exist. Also, he said there will be no relaxation in social distancing rules even after vaccination.

Undoubtedly, Indian health scientists, making the vaccine available for most people is commendable. This pandemic has shown that life is priceless. Moreover, most people don’t understand the importance of life. The saying ‘If you have life, you have the world’ is simple but meaningful. It is sad to see that some people are still criticizing the Government for the safety regarding vaccination. It means that they don’t value life.

In many states, a few doctors and health workers have refused to take the vaccination. They are saying that the Government has to take responsibility if something happens to them after vaccination! Has nothing ever happened to those denying the vaccination? In life, people get sick, some die, and a few recover! Ranbir Guleria, AIIMS director has taken vaccination. If he also doubted the efficiency of the vaccine, he wouldn’t have taken it.

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Moreover, the health department has approved the vaccination, so people shouldn’t question it. Even though two rounds of trials were successful, the probability of failing the third is neagtive. It is true that the third trial for the vaccine did not take place. Misinformed People are having doubts about the vaccination. Also, some are simply politicising the issue.

Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has refused to take the vaccine is part of his politics. He refused it saying it is a BJP Vaccine. He should be happy as he hasn’t given a proper appreciation to the Modi government. Moreover, stopping his party workers to take the vaccination and putting their live in danger is unnecessary. The truth is that no one dies someone else’s death. Everyone dies their own death, but is it necessary that we intentionally raise someone to the brink of death?

Congress is also questioning vaccination. Not every anti-government party is happy with the campaign. Their thinking is somewhat correct, as the government has tried to strengthen its credibility with the public by allowing the vaccine to be vaccinated before the third trial. The way the Modi government has taken steps to eradicate the epidemic in the fight against Corona is commendable. If this major initiative is unbearable for opponents of the government, it shows that only the opposition of the government is to deprive people of their right to life.