Another Controversy of Indian Cricket Team in Australia


The Indian team on the tour of Australia is not keen on playing in Gaba because of the strict social distancing rules. Both teams will play the fourth and last Test match in Gaba. According to reports, Team India does not want to go to Brisbane due to strict COVID protocol in Queensland. They want to play two matches in Sydney instead. The third Test match will start in Sydney from Thursday.

Meanwhile, in a reaction to this the Queensland’s Health Minister has warned the Indian team in a stern tone. Ross Bates said, ‘The rule is not an option. If Indians do not want to play with the rules made then do not come here. There is no room for ignoring the protocol here and everyone has to follow it.”

She further said, ‘If the Indian cricket team wants to implement the disorganized guidelines in Brisbane for the fourth Test, they should not come. The same rules should apply to everyone.

India has not won a single match in Gabba so far. According to reports from the Australian media, the Indian team is not happy with the possibility of a more rigorous isolation in Brisbane. The team had already been in isolation for 14 days when they arrived in Australia.

Also, five Indian players, including vice-captain Rohit Sharma are again in isolation. This happened after a fan shared a video of Indian players having dinner at a restaurant on Twitter. The authorities have initiated an investigation into possible violations of the COVID-19 Bio-Safe Protocol. The fourth and final Test match will be played from January 15. The four-match series is still 1–1.


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