Another Attempt to Enrage Sikhs: Government ends Recognition of Punjabi in Kashmir


It is not reasonable that the government expects minorities to cooperate with them after treating them as inferior. Minorities love their country as much as other people, but for them, the scale of government generosity is different.

The government has now enraged the Sikh community by excluding the Punjabi language from the Jammu and Kashmir language bill. Earlier, Punjabi was a recognised language in the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. But, the current bill adopts Urdu, Kashmiri, Dogri, Hindi and English as recognised languages and excludes Punjabi.

Surprisingly, millions of people speak the Punjabi language all over Jammu and Kashmir. And if the Punjabi language does not receive proper recognition, then it is natural for these people to feel alienated. Anyway, the Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir are not getting any minority benefits. Now the government has refused to recognise their language as well.

Bhai Gobind Singh Longewala, chairman of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee and other Sikh leaders, have taken the government’s decision very seriously and have urged Sikh members in Parliament to take up the matter in the house.

The real intention behind this decision of the government is a question in itself. If an answer is sought, then it will be seen as an attempt to create a feeling of dissatisfaction against the government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attempt to link the Sikhs with Love Kush and the voices raised in his support clearly shows that the sentiments of Sikhs are being hurt as a part of a calculated strategy.

Is it not strange to mention Sikhs and their background during the construction ceremony of Ram Mandir? The same thinking has emerged in Jammu and Kashmir as well. Till date, Punjabi was a recognised language, but suddenly the government wants to revoke the status of Punjabi language. This is not normal.

Each community has its own language, and it identifies itself with that language. If the government thinks that they can hamper the increasing pride of Sikhs around the world by not giving the due status to Punjabi language, then it is wrong. Whether Sikhs are in Kashmir, Punjab, USA, England or in any other country, they have established their dominance.

While the government recognised other languages in Jammu and Kashmir, the previous status of Punjabi should have been maintained. This change will create a sense of frustration among the Sikhs living there. This frustration ultimately leads to thinking of separation.

On the one hand, the government intends to make India a great power, while on the other hand, it is creating displeasure among communities that provide power to the country.
What is the government thinking? If the Muslims and other sections of the country feel isolated, then it is not their fault but the government’s fault.

Recently, Khalistani flags were raised in some cities of Punjab. This Anti-National act happened because of the wrong policies of the government. Far from giving importance to the sacrifices made by the Sikhs, the government is not even giving due recognition to their language.


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