Anchorwoman Tooth Falls while she broadcast live news


Ukraine: Often handling yourself in a live show isn’t easy without being noticed by others who watch the show.
Newsreader Marika Padalko, who works for Ukraine’s TV Chanel, an unusual incident happened to her when she was live broadcasting. Padalko’s front teeth start falling out when she was reading news.
Padalko shared this episode on her Instagram page. She wrote that this is the first time that has happened to her in a career of 20 years. During the show, her tooth unexpectedly started to fall out of her mouth; then a colleague told her your tooth was coming out. Padalko placed her hand immediately and prevented it from dropping. She wrote further that I had to remain calm in such a situation and read the news without overreacting.


Padalko explained that it was about ten years ago when my daughter was playing with an alarm clock. She accidentally hit the clock on my mouth, and I lost my tooth. It was the replacement of that tooth which happened in this incident.

She further wrote, ‘To be honest, I felt that this incident would go unnoticed, but I underestimated the attention of the audience as they noticed it all.’ This video of Padalko and her post is fast becoming viral on social media.


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