Analysis of Bihar Election

Now that the Bihar election results are out, the exit polls of TV channels and the results were exactly opposite. The TV Channels got the election result wrong. Even though in the beginning, the RJD alliance was much ahead and showed an edge over the NDA, it all changed in the afternoon. Moreover, NDA took the lead and maintained the lead till late at night.

This election was held amidst the COVID -19 pandemic. So, a number of protocols were followed. For this, there was a significant increase in the number of polling stations. Also,there was a rise in EVM machines. That is why the results got delayed. Meanwhile, the claims of victory on both sides were loud. Celebrations began in both offices.

In the end, exit polls were wrong. The NDA will be forming government in Bihar. Out of a total of 243 seats, the NDA has got 125 , the Mahagathbandhan got 110 seats, Chirag Paswan’s LJP 1 and others 7 seats. The party of Andhra Pradesh Muslim leader Asaduddin Owaisi has won five seats.

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This election was special. The first thing is that Tejaswi Yadav’s party RJD has emerged as the largest party. It got 75 seats. In second place is BJP, which has got 74 seats. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President JP Nadda and other senior BJP leaders did huge rallies. Despite this, the BJP was not able to become the No.1 party in Bihar.

It would not be wrong to say that 31-year-old Tejashwi Yadav dominated all the leaders. Although he has not succeeded in forming the government, he has certainly succeeded in emerging as the most popular face in the politics of Bihar. Nitish Kumar’s party had performed very poorly this time. Janata Dal (U) has won only 43 seats this time as compared to 71 last time.

Nitish, who came to the floor due to havoc in the political arena, will get a chance to become the Chief Minister for the fourth time, but does the conscience of Good Governance Babu allow him to take charge of the state? It was the compulsion of the BJP that it announced to contest elections under Nitish’s leadership before the election and kept its promise.

BJP’s role in NDA is more now as the results had shown and JDU has to compromise. Of course there is no place for such things as conscience or morality in politics but it is not so for Nitish. If he is a good governance babu, it means that he understands human values. In that case, will Nitish’s conscience allow him to take oath as the CM, even though his party has performed poorly?

There are also reports that voices are rising within the BJP. Since after the results, as BJP had emerged as the largest party within NDA, the Chief Minister should belong to the BJP. Bihar might be also the next Maharashtra. The next few days will be interesting to see, who will be the CM from the NDA.

The Congress party is largely responsible for the defeat of the Mahagathbandhan. The Congress contested 70 seats and won only 19 seats. A better seat sharing would have yield better result for the RJD. According to sources, Congress should have been given less number of seats. Chirag Paswan’s party

did not succeed in the purpose for which it contested. This Bihar election the youth had set the agenda and it was different.