An Island of Snakes : The most Dangerous Island in the World


Usually, people go to Islands for vacations, but there exists an island which is too dangerous for holidays. The name of this island is Snake Island. This beautiful island is located in Brazil. The real name of this island is Ilha da queimada grande. This island is an abode for snakes, not for humans. You can find few of the most poisonous snakes here. It is not easy to return well and alive from this island.

According to experts, dangerous species like the Viper snake live on this island. These snakes have the ability to fly. The poison of these snakes is so hazardous that it can melt human flesh. There are more than 4000 different species of snakes found here. It is prohibited to visit this island. Only snake experts can visit the island for research purposes. Although even the researchers do not go deep inside the forest, they return from the coastal areas.

The snakes found here are extremely rare. Therefore, they are sold at high prices in the international market. Smugglers often risk their lives to catch these snakes. The cost of the Golden Lancehead found here is $34,000. Apart from that, many precious medicines are made using the poison of snakes found here.


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