An Inspiring Story of Ila and her Home Bakery Venture


Every other person wants to have their own business. They even have ideas, but instead of working on them, people spend their lives making excuses. Then there are some who not only achieve success in life but also inspire others. This story is about one such woman.

Ila lived in Gurgaon and used to work earlier. However, she quit her job to start a bakery from her home. Currently, she is earning thousands from her bakery business.

According to The Better Indian, Ila graduated in hotel management from Welcomgroup graduate school of hotel administration. In 2007, she started her business. It was a home bakery named Truffle Tangles. She started her business with an initial investment of ₹5000 only. Today she earns around ₹10,000 per day.

She makes bakery products like cakes, gluten-free bread, cookies, chocolates, desserts et cetera. She also delivers more than 40 food items such as patties, stuffed buns, pizza and gift hampers throughout the NCR.

After her graduation, Ila worked in the hospitality industry for many years. She also worked in Hotel Chola Sheraton, Chennai for two years. She then moved to Taj Bengal in Kolkata, where she worked for five years in sales and marketing division.

After getting married, she moved to Gurgaon with her husband. For two and a half years, she took care of her family and children.But Ila wanted to do something. She told us that she had not made a menu before. However, she did all the work herself, gave out advertisements. Gradually she started getting orders for birthday parties. At that time, social media was not so popular. Hence, she had to struggle a lot.

There was no bakery shop in the City where you could get quality pastries. And People loved the chocolate truffle cake by Ila. This is how she started baking.Later, she started putting up stalls in food fairs, and people began acknowledging her. Her business got a boost after the popularity of social media.

Ila is a mother of twins. She says she started this bakery from home so that she could take care of her children and also do the work she loves. Ila’s husband supported her throughout the journey. Many times he went out to deliver the food. Even during the lockdown, Ila works for many hours.

The story of Ila tells that success may not be easily found in life. But, if you work hard, we will achieve success.


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