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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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An Apple A Day Will Keep Health Problems At Bay – Lifestyle

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Due to poor lifestyles and eating disorders, people become victims of many serious diseases at an early age. Today, the youth are prone to such diseases because of their lifestyle. In earlier times. only the old people used to suffer from these diseases. Diabetes, weakness in the bones, body fatigue, and eye problems are rapidly making youth their victims.

Diseases like diabetes and heart disease can also be long-term, for which you may need long-term treatment. Health experts say that we have changed our eating habits a lot over time. Along with this, people have become less physically active. This also increases the risk of many diseases.

However, if people change their lifestyle, they can avoid these things. According to health experts, all people must include fruits in their diet. The properties and nutrients present in fruits not only strengthen the body from the inside but can also keep us safe from many diseases.

Today, we will talk about one such fruit, whose regular consumption can help us with many problems.

Consumption of Apples

Health experts suggest that we should consume an apple daily. Moreover, it can be helpful in keeping us away from doctors. In fact, apple consists of many types of fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Apples have a variety of health benefits. Nutrients found in apples can protect against serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Apple Reduces the Risk of Cancer

The antioxidants found in apples can protect the body from cancer diseases. Consuming antioxidants reduces the oxidative stress that can develop cancer in the body.

Meanwhile, in a 2016 study report, scientists said that those who consume apples daily have a low risk of lung, breast, and colorectal cancer.

In another study, scientists say that the fiber present in apples can also be helpful in reducing colon cancer.

Apple is beneficial for diabetes

It is often difficult for people suffering from diabetes to choose fruits. However, apple consumption can be highly beneficial for such patients.

Studies also show that people who consume apples daily have a lower risk of type-2 diabetes.

In a 2013 study, scientists found that people who consume apples can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes by up to seven percent compared to other people.

Beneficial in Heart diseases

Apple consumption can help people with diabetes and cancer. But, it can also control heart-related diseases. The fiber present in apples reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Moreover, people with a high level of cholesterol have a risk of heart disease.

Apart from this, apple peels have antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols help in controlling heart diseases. To reduce the risk of heart diseases, all people should consume apples without peeling them.

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