An angry man left three snakes at the petrol station


Mumbai: Giving petrol in bottles at petrol pumps is prohibited in India, despite this, some people breach the rules. An incident like this occurred in Buldana, Maharashtra when a man wants to fill his bottle with petrol. He became upset when the staff declined to do so. The man is alleged to have started to speak profusely to the workers present there.
He tried a unique way to take revenge. He released three snakes in the petrol pump office.The entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera. CCTV footage can be seen that the man takes out the snake from inside the jar and release it inside the petrol station. According to experts these snakes extremely poisonous, 2 of them were of cobra and one Dhaman species.

His action created a chaos at the petrol station, because of fear, people started running here and there. The snake catcher was called after some time and caught the three snakes with his aid.CCTV footage may be used against the man.


Video of the incident is becoming viral on social media. People are giving different kinds of reactions to this. For some users, this is a funny incident. Some people are demanding strict action against the person.


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