Air Pollution Cuts Average Indian Life Expectancy by 5.2 years


Corona infection is spreading rapidly in India. And the country is seeing more than 50,000 cases every day with hundreds losing their lives. Amidst this, a University of Chicago study reveals that average life expectancy of an Indian is reduced by 5.2 years due to air pollution.

The Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago conducted this study. It suggests that a quarter of India’s population is living with the consequences of Air Pollution, which is affecting their life expectancy. According to the study, India is the second country after Bangladesh, where the life expectancy of people is decreasing.

The study says that India does not meet the WHO standards in terms of quality of air needed to live life. The research suggests that Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow is the second most polluted city after Delhi. We are therefore reducing the life expectancy by 10.3 years in Lucknow and comparison, reducing it by 9.4 years for people living in Delhi.

The study also suggests that if India reduces pollution levels by 25% in the next few years, then the national life expectancy will increase by 1.6 years. While for people in Delhi, it will increase by 3.1 years.

The Government of India is already working to improve air quality. The University of Chicago, in collaboration with Gujarat Pollution Control Board, is working on Particulate matter.


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