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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Two Doses Of Vaccine Will Remove Post COVID Symptoms – AIIMS Study

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Many medical studies have happened regarding the post-COVID problems after recovery from corona infection. However, for the first time, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi has obtained information regarding vaccination and post-COVID symptoms.Till now the vaccine was useful only to prevent corona infection, but now vaccination is also useful to avoid the post COVID situation. According to AIIMS, two doses of the vaccine can relieve these symptoms.

Those who are taking both doses of the vaccine in time after recovering from corona are showing very little or no symptoms of post COVID. Those who have not taken the vaccine after recovering from the infection are showing the possibility of post COVID.

AIIMS will Publish The Study Soon

This study is currently in review status in the medical journal MedRxiv. Doctors from seven departments of AIIMS Dr. Rajendra Prasad Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Pulmonary, Medicine, Endocrinology, Microbiology and Hospital Management have jointly conducted this study. In this, they also included health workers and other staff of AIIMS. They have also given feedback about the daily routine after recovering from Corona in a phone interview.

Doctors said that between January and April this year, more than 1800 corona patients came to them. However, 33.20 percent of these patients were those in whom symptoms of post COVID are present even after the hospital declared them healthy. That is why, so far they are not completely healthy. They began the study after selecting a total of 1801 patients, sufficient information could be obtained from 773 patients.

Even after discharge from the hospital, these patients remained in touch on the phone. Their average age was 34 years. 56.40 percent were men and the rest were women. The study concluded that 33.20% of patients had post-COVID symptoms for four or more weeks after being discharged from the hospital. Corona virus affects every part of the body. Hence the symptoms of post COVID are associated with any organ.

According to the information, 407 people out of 773 had not taken the vaccine before infection. Meanwhile 175 had taken both the first and 191 people. After this he had corona infection. Out of 407, 35 percent i.e. 142 patients are facing post COVID. At the same time, 65 out of 175 people taking a single dose and only 50 (26.5 percent) out of 191 who took both doses have got post-covid symptoms. On the basis of this, the study suggests that vaccination is also beneficial for post COVID symptoms.

Vaccine reduced fear by 45 percent

The study concluded that when the patients took the vaccine a few weeks after recovery from corona infection, the chances of these people developing post COVID symptoms were 45 percent less. When further tested in vaccinated participants, two doses of the vaccine not only prevented infection but also prevented progression of post-COVID symptoms.

Diseases even after recovery

The study also found that even after recovering from corona, those who have problems related to post COVID have the highest fatigue at 79.30 percent. People complain that after coming out of the corona, there is a kind of fatigue in their body. The mind does not feel in work and the body also asks for rest. 33.40 percent also reported joint pain, while 29.90 percent complained of muscle pain. 28% of patients have had hair loss after recovering from corona.

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