A Woman Makes Masks from Lotus Stalks, gets Appreciated by PM Modi

The global pandemic of Coronavirus has affected many countries. Many people have been staying in their homes to save themselves from the deadly virus. However, if they head out of their homes for some vital work, they maintain social distancing, wear masks and face shields. Meanwhile, a girl from Manipur has garnered attention which makes masks from Lotus stalks.

27-year-old Tongbram Bijay Shanti, hailing from Bishenpur District in Manipur has made masks from Lotus stalks. Bijayshanti has previously made thread and clothes using lotus stalks. Fifteen other women work with her, and 20 other women are getting training. Bijay Shanti is the resident of Thanga Tongbram near the famous Loktak Lake.

A vast number of lotuses grows in the Loktak Lake. Bijay Shanti started making thread and clothing from lotus roots back in 2018-2019. Her products were then sent to a laboratory in Gujarat, which gave her the green signal. Botany graduate Shanti said, “I learnt about the production process from the internet, and a teacher instructed me to make this my source of livelihood. So, I started this work in 2017-2018.”

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Clothes made from lotus stalks have a massive market in foreign countries. Prime Minister Modi during his radio program also appreciated Bijay Shanti’s work. N Biren Singh, CM of Manipur also tweeted and appreciated Bijay Shanti’s efforts to manufacture thread and clothes from stalks.

CM N Biren Singh tweeted that Honourable PM Narendra Modi has appreciated Manipur’s Bijay Shanti’s works in manufacturing thread from lotus stalks. Her efforts have paved the way for lotus farming and textile industry.