A Village in India Remained in Complete Darkness for 35 days


This is a heart-touching story of a village in Shivganga district of Tamil Nadu, India which remained in darkness for 35 days. The villagers did not light the village and kept it dark. The entire village remained in darkness for 35 days to save a bird’s nest.

According to reports, a bird made its nest in the switch box from where the village street lights were lit. The bird also laid eggs in that nest. When people saw that there were three blue and green eggs in the switch box, the villagers got worried that the bird’s eggs might break if they try to switch on the lights.

The photo of the nest with eggs went viral in the WhatsApp groups of the entire village, and people started discussing it. So, to save the nest and the chicks, it was decided by the villagers that the switchboard will not be used until the chicks grow up.

Some people did oppose the decision, but after the Panchayat Chairperson H Kalishwari joined the campaign to save the nest, it was decided that no one would use the switch box to switch on the lights.

The village remained in darkness for 35 days, but the bird and its babies are safe and are no longer in the nest. This story is going viral on Social media, and people are saluting the villagers.


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