A Policeman Standing on Black Woman’s Neck in Brazil


SAO PAULO – Recently, after the death of George Floyd in police custody initiated the BLM protest. World protests continue to be debated in favour of this.

Now in Brazil, A similar case of violence with a Black citizen has come to light. A policeman was standing on a 51-year-old woman’s neck in São Paulo city, Brazil and her neck broken because of this. This video is dating from May 30, according to the details.

The woman is widowed and has five children. To raise a family, she runs a small bar, came here after she heard the noise of her friend. The police handcuffed and started assaulting her. She just went to save him.Photos and videos of this incident are going viral on social media and all Brazilian TV channels. Two policemen are seen in the pictures.

São Paulo Governor João Doria suspended two police officers after the video went viral, saying we do not tolerate this type of behaviour. The governor also ordered 2,000 city police officers to put cameras on the body.


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