A Girl Steals a Man’s Cell Phone; After Learning the Truth, He Withdraws his Complaint

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A 17-year-old girl stole the mobile phone of a Private Detective in Madhya Pradesh, India. However, the person took back his complaint after knowing the truth. Dheeraj Dubey, a resident of Indore and a Private Detective by profession, lost his mobile phone. He filed a complaint with the police regarding this.

However, he started his investigation to track down the thief. He says, “When I checked all the CCTV cameras, the body language of the 17-year-old daughter of my maid looked suspicious. I called her on Wednesday and asked her many questions, including her performance in the 11th-grade exam, very politely. She enrolled in class 12th this year.”

According to Dubey, the girl initially denied stealing the mobile phone. But later in the conversation, she confessed. She also told Dheeraj that she took the phone and gave it to her friend for Rs.2500 ($46). The girl used the money to deposit Rs.1600 ($30) as school fee; she added more money to buy school books worth Rs.1200 ($22).

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She told him that due to COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, her parents had no money to deposit her school fee. After realising that the girl did not steal the mobile phone for her leisure, Dheeraj not only took back the police complaint but also paid the money to her , which she borrowed in lieu of the mobile phone.

The girl is meritorious; she scored 71% in her last exam. Dheeraj also promised to bear the cost of her studies in future. He will also help her find a part-time job when she turns 18. The in-charge of police station praised Dheeraj for supporting the girl.

The girl said, “I made a mistake. But I was anxious that my admission in the school might be cancelled if I don’t deposit the fee. I will never commit any crime in future and concentrate on my studies. I am thankful to Dheeraj sir that he not only helped me financially, but he also did not lodge a complaint with the police.