A 62-Year-Old Man Runs 62 Kilometres on his Birthday


Jasmer Singh Sandhu is a resident of Panipat, Haryana. He celebrated his 62nd birthday on August 25. You might not know who Jasmer Singh Sandhu is, but on each birthday he does something that is an inspiration for thousands of people.

On each birthday Mr Sandhu runs as many kilometres as the years he has completed. So this year, on his 62nd birthday he ran for 62.4 kilometres.People are saluting his spirit on social media. Jasmer Sandhu shared a video of himself running on August 25 on Twitter. He wrote, “Today, I have completed 62 years of my life and on this occasion completed 62.4 kilometres run. Still ahead of my age.”

His video has 296.9K views and 24.5k likes.People have been responding and sharing his video and tweet on various social media platforms. People are saluting his spirit.One user commented, “We are confined in our rooms with the laptop, and we feel 50 at the age of 35, keep the spirit shining and keep inspiring.” Another user said that it is difficult for him to run even 1 kilometre without taking 2-3 breaks at the age of 25.

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