A 10-Year-Old Boy Walks from Palermo to London to see his Grandmother


The number of ‘Covid 19’ cases continues to increase. However, there was a time when the world was following a lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Public transport, including trains, were closed, due to which many people travelled on foot to reach their homes and families. Now once again, the world has started to unlock and started living a life of ‘New Normal’. Meanwhile, the story of a child is has gone viral on social media, who walked 2800 km to meet his Grandmother.

10-year-old Romeo Cox began his journey from Sicily’s Palermo (in Italy) to London with Father Phil on 20 June. During this exciting journey, the two reached their destination via Italy, Switzerland, France and Britain. Yes, the father-son duo reached the UK on 21 September. At the moment, both are in isolation. After which, they will then meet Romeo’s Grandmother.
Romeo Cox shared some exciting moments from the journey on his Instagram account. According to Romeo, all the hard work he has done in the last three months will be successful only when he hugs his Grandmother.

Romeo said, ‘We lost the way in this journey and slept under the beehives, which was not a good idea. The legs made the situation worse. But we did not lose courage. As we were approaching my Grandmother, Mary was getting more excited to see them. I wanted to hug her as soon as possible. We were meeting after almost a year. In the lockdown, she was forced to live alone. I felt tired like a 100-year old – but the journey was a lot of fun.’
The two not only surprised everyone by this trip but also raised Rs 11.4 lakh (12 thousand pounds) to help the ‘Refugee Education Across Conflicts’. Romeo’s father says that this journey spent with the son is a special moment for both of them, which they will never forget.

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